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Investec Life’s Severe Illness Cover helps you access optimal medical treatment and pays for other associated costs that your medical aid may not.

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According to CANSA, one in four South Africans are affected by cancer through diagnosis of family, friends or self – and more than 400 South Africans experience a stroke every single day. No one likes to dwell on the “what ifs”, but the reality is that a major illness could affect you at any age, no matter your gender.

Diagnosing, treating and living with a critical illness comes at substantial financial expense. While your medical aid might pay your hospital expenses and pay for your consultations with specialists, there may still be a lot of extra, out of pocket medical expenses you need to cover. These can quickly add up, especially if you need the latest treatment for your condition, which your medical aid may only pay in part.

Your medical aid is also unlikely to cover your non-medical expenses like long-term home nursing and time off work to get your life back on track. If you’re suffering a major illness, it’s not unreasonable to expect to have to cover over a million rand in expenses, which could come as a huge shock and a burden to your family – at the worst possible time.

At Investec Life, we designed and priced our  Severe Illness Cover with input from medical specialists within the industry and our client base.  You can tailor the cover according to your personal needs.

If you’re ever diagnosed with a severe illness or suffer a trauma related injury, Severe Illness Cover will pay a lump sum to you, so that you can get the right care and focus on what’s important – your healing.

Comprehensive cover that includes stage 0 cancers

Take responsibility for your own wellness and the wellbeing of your family

Severe illness cover protects you financially against a comprehensive range of conditions.

Knowing that you and your family are cared for helps you to focus on what’s important – your health. Severe Illness Cover could make the world of difference to your quality of life.

Severe Illness Cover from Investec Life helps you pay for what your medical aid may not cover. So you can afford advanced high-cost treatments, travel expenses to get to specialist clinics, as well as the expenses related to your rehabilitation and lifestyle adjustments, like voluntarily taking time off work.

You can opt for Severe Illness Cover as a standalone product, without Life Cover, and your children are automatically included up to the age of 24*.

* Cover is limited to 10% of the cover amount, with a maximum of a R150 000 per child. Pre-existing conditions are not covered in this benefit.

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Knowing that you and your family are cared for helps you to focus on what’s important – your health.

Is your current cover flexible enough to adapt to your needs?

Our tiered benefit allows for multiple payouts in line with the progression of an illness and also provides multiple payouts for other conditions. For specific illnesses, you can claim up to 100% of your total cover amount for up to three unrelated conditions within three major categories (cardiovascular, cancer, cerebrovascular and central nervous system).

Comprehensive cover means you can be proactive about your health

We include cover for early stage cancers, promoting early detection that allows for early treatment. Advances in medicine mean that you can now be diagnosed much earlier with pre-cancerous cells or stage 0 cancer.

Your cover automatically includes unknown future severe illnesses.

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