12 months

Fixed period


Minimum initial deposit


Tax free

Maximise your returns in a product which is fully exempt from income tax.

Invest in this 12-month fixed deposit and enjoy a preferential rate designed to maximise your savings potential in line with an initiative with National Treasury.


  • How the product works

    • The Investec Tax Free Deposit is available to individuals only
    • The fixed rate is set at the date of investment. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly on the capital balance in the account
    • Early withdrawal of funds will be made available within 32 business days of request, however early withdrawal requests may be subject to a penalty
  • Benefits

    • The Tax Free Fixed Deposit provides investors with the opportunity to take advantage of guaranteed, premium returns which are tax exempt during the term of the investment.
    • This tax free product provides 100% capital guarantee throughout the term of the fixed deposit.
    • Investors will also have the ability to redeem or roll the investment at the end of each 12 month period.
    • This product is tailored to maximise your savings by not having access to your lifetime contribution
    • Should the need for liquidity arise during the term of the investment, the deposit can be unwound and made available within 32 business days of notice of early withdrawal, subject to early withdrawal conditions set out above.
  • Minimum and maximum deposit

    • R30,000 minimum deposit
    • R36,000 maximum deposit
    • A maximum of R500,000 lifetime contribution that can be made annually in R36,000 increments

See what your returns could be:

  • Future value calculator

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    Term *
    Interest Rate *

    R {[futureValForm]}

    Future Value (Interest compounded)*

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    Interest Paid at Maturity*

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    Nominal Rate (NACM)

    R {[InterestPaidMonthlyForm]}

    Interest Paid Monthly (Approximately)*

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    Period Effective Yield

Transferring funds?

Kindly note that should you wish to open a Tax-free Fixed Deposit for the purpose of transferring funds from another institution, you will need to contact the Personal Cash Investments team on 011 291 6011 during office hours, Monday to Friday, 08:00-17:00.

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