PrimeSaver Account

Access immediately

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Immediate access to your funds


Interest rate


New clients minimum deposit


Existing Private Bank clients minimum deposit

Apply for a savings account or contact your private banker.

Grow your savings with the Investec PrimeSaver

The PrimeSaver account is one of the best in the market and there are no fees to erode your earnings. Investing in the PrimeSaver account puts you in the best position to start saving for the things that you value the most.


  • How the product works

    • The Investec PrimeSaver is available to all individuals
    • You have 100% immediate access to your funds
    • The prime-linked rate is calculated daily and paid monthly on the capital balance in the account, and any additional deposits earn interest immediately
    • The premium rate applies to the first R25 million deposited.Any funds over this amount will earn the next tiered rate, resulting in a blended rate for the overall balance
    • Additional deposits can be made at any time
  • Benefits

    • Online banking access
    • Dedicated service
    • No fees are applicable on this product
  • Minimum & maximum deposit

    • Clients who do not have an Investec Private Banking account will need a minimum opening deposit of R100,000 to invest in a PrimeSaver account
    • Clients who have an Investec Private Banking account will not need a minimum opening deposit to invest in a PrimeSaver account

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