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Grow your savings with the Investec MoneyFund Tracker

The MoneyFund Tracker does all the work for you as it tracks the qualifying¹ South African money market funds ensuring you always get a competitive market related rate, without incurring fees.


  • How the product works

    • The MoneyFund Tracker is available to all individuals
    • You have 100% immediate access to your funds
    • Additional deposits can be made at any time
  • Benefits

    • Free online banking
    • Dedicated service
    • Guaranteed returns and downward protection
    • You will have access to your funds within 24-48 hours
    • There are no monthly fees to erode your account balance*
  • Minimum & maximum deposit

    • Clients who do not have an Investec Private Banking account will need a minimum opening deposit of R250,000 to invest in a MoneyFund Tracker account
    • Clients who have an Investec Private Banking account will need a minimum opening deposit of R100,000 to invest in a MoneyFund Tracker account
    • The maximum balance is R100 million per individual client. The aggregate balance of all your accounts which are linked to money market funds cannot exceed R500 million per individual client. All deposits in excess of this limit, excluding capitalisation of compound interest, are restricted

See what your returns could be:

  • Future value calculator

    Investment Amount *
    Term *
    Interest Rate *

    R {[futureValForm]}

    Future Value (Interest compounded)*

    R {[interestPaidForm]}

    Interest Paid at Maturity*

    {[rate]} %

    Nominal Rate (NACM)

    R {[InterestPaidMonthlyForm]}

    Interest Paid Monthly (Approximately)*

    {[periodEffectiveYieldForm]} %

    Period Effective Yield

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