your preferred notice period


Minimum deposit


your preferred interest rate

Let the SmartRate Plus Notice Deposit do the thinking for you

Investec SmartRate Plus Notice Deposit allows you to personalise your notice deposit according to your needs while receiving a competitive market-related interest rate, plus you will earn an additional 0.10% when you don’t place notice for 30 days.


  • How the product works

    • Select your interest rate
    • Your rate is determined by your unique requirements (percentage instant access required and notice period)
    • Receive a competitive market related deposit rate, based on a fixed differential to Investec’s prime lending rate
    • When you don’t place notice on your funds, you will earn additional interest on top of your applicable interest rate: 30 days without placing notice – you will earn an additional 0.10%
    • Choose between having your monthly interest compounded or paid away


    • Choose your percentage of instant access
    • Service your cash flow needs by choosing your desired level of access, from 0% to 50%, in 10% increments. Once selected, these funds are available at any time.


    • Weigh up your notice period
    • Meet your savings objectives by selecting the notice period you require, between 32, 45, 60, 90 and 120 days
    • You may place notice on your funds at any time


    • Decide on your deposit amount
    • The minimum deposit amount is R100,000
    • You are able to make additional deposits into your account after your initial deposit
  • Benefits

    • Tailor make the account that works for you
    • Earn an additional 0.10% on top of your applicable interest rate when you don’t place notice for 30 days
    • No fees are applicable on this product*
    • Dedicated service
    • Free online banking
  • Minimum & maximum deposit

    • Save from R100,000 

See what your returns could be:

  • Future value calculator

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    Term *
    Interest Rate *

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    Future Value (Interest compounded)*

    R {[interestPaidForm]}

    Interest Paid at Maturity*

    {[rate]} %

    Nominal Rate (NACM)

    R {[InterestPaidMonthlyForm]}

    Interest Paid Monthly (Approximately)*

    {[periodEffectiveYieldForm]} %

    Period Effective Yield

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