Investec supports DWS and MEAG in arranging a €240m acquisition financing of Weltec Holding GmbH

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Our role

Investec Energy & Infrastructure Finance UK is pleased to announce the successful closing of a €240m senior debt financing package to support the acquisition of Weltec Holding GmbH (“Weltec”) - a leading German biomethane producer - by DWS and MEAG.

Investec Energy & Infrastructure were pleased to be able to support DWS and MEAG – two of the largest institutional investors in Germany, with an established track record of long-term investments in the energy and infrastructure sectors - in their first biomethane investment.


About Weltec

With 20+ years of experience in the sector, Weltec is a top player in the German biomethane market, owning and operating 9 Anaerobic Digestion plants with over 500 GWh of annual production capacity. Biomethane is at the forefront of the energy transition in Europe as it is widely regarded as a critical fuel for hard-to-decarbonize sectors such as heavy-duty road transportation and maritime traffic. It is also an essential pillar of the EU circular economy and energy security strategy, benefitting from a number of support schemes already in place. Germany, in particular, has set ambitious renewable energy targets for fuel providers who must comply with a 25% biofuel supply quota by 2030.