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27 Nov 2023

Investec Fintech Podcast: Building a relationship bank

In this episode, I am joined by Conrad Ford, Chief Product and Strategy officer at the challenger bank Allica.


Conrad has a long history in Fintech. In fact, he and I met before "Fintech" was a thing.

After 6 years at Barclays, including a leadership role at Clearlybusiness, a high growth tech business within the bank, he left to form his own Fintech start up Funding  Options - a platform aimed at helping small businesses to access the right loans from multiple lenders. Since then he has had advisory roles at Starling Bank, as well as Iwoca, Coconut and Trade Ledger.

Currently he is helping CEO Richard Davies and team build Allica Bank, which I note has just been named the UKs fastest growing tech company in Deloitte’s annual survey. Allica is also the UK's fastest growing Fintech ever in the 26-year history of the awards.

So there's not much about Fintech, and in particular bringing a digital approach to SME lending that Conrad doesn't know. We cover his views on the SME lending landscape, the moats that Allica has built, and his views on the outlook for the UK Fintech sector.

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