Cushon made headlines recently with the announcement that Nat West had agreed to acquire 85% of the company for £144m (implying a £170m valuation). This is the 6th business that Phil has built and sold. What is it that has enabled him to replicate this success many times over?

We go back to the early days, when he started selling word processors  - primarily because of the flash cars in the Wang Laboratories car park (where he worked at the time) - and map his trajectory through to present day. What advice would he give founders now, and what are the elements of Fintech and indeed wider Technology sectors that excite him the most?

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In a regular series of interviews, we chat to the leading lights of the UK’s Fintech sector, discussing their current businesses, their outlook for the sector as a whole, and also delving into their back stories and how they arrived at their current positions.

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