John Wyn-Evans

John Wyn-Evans

Head of Investment Strategy

I am responsible for directing the firm's tactical asset allocation within client portfolios. I chair the Asset Allocation Committee as well as sitting on the Global Investment Strategy Group. A key part of my job is to communicate our investment strategy to both investment managers and clients. This is most widely seen in the Weekly Digest and Monthly Commentary products. I also undertake marketing trips around the country, although these are becoming more virtual in their nature. I make regular media appearances to comment on markets.

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After graduating from Exeter University in 1984 with a degree in Modern Languages, I embarked on a career as an institutional stockbroker, working for firms that included Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers. This period gave me unmatched access to industry leaders as well as valuable insights into the workings of financial markets. In 2011, I made my first step into investment management with a consultancy role at Troy Asset Management, before joining Investec in 2013 in my current role.

My interests

Eleven-a-side football and golf are my sporting priorities, and I also enjoy running, cycling and any sort of high-intensity gym class. Those activities are balanced by playing the piano and the guitar, as well as practicing yoga. I am an avid listener to podcasts and reader of books that can help me to improve physically, mentally and emotionally.

My areas of expertise

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