Foreign Exchange can often seem transactional. If you have income in one currency, you may need to convert it to another to unlock your spending power. However, it can have a meaningful impact on life events too.

Investec recently helped a property entrepreneur who was looking to buy a holiday home in France as a place to enjoy his downtime.

Our client had an international lifestyle and had generated earnings in US Dollars, Singapore Dollars and United Arab Emirates Dirham. He was also due to receive further funds from property sales overseas. His FX requirement was to hold the currency in his account ahead of a transaction and convert these funds to Euros at an agreed level and at the time which was right to facilitate his new purchase.

At Investec, our Currency Access Accounts can hold funds in 15 currencies and offer interest on balances. Meanwhile, our specialist foreign exchange dealers can help to monitor the markets and devise solutions to meet specific needs. In this scenario, we were able to hold and convert our client’s funds with ease, execute trades at appropriate times and transfer the Euros to France to complete the deal, in time for many happy summers ahead.


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