If you work in investment banking, your bonus may constitute a significant portion of your income, so it’s understandable if you want to retain access to your cash while earning more interest on the balance.

Investec has a private banking team dedicated to working with individuals in your sector and we may have a savings account to suit you. “Our private bank savings accounts are designed for the needs of high-net-worth individuals, which means we pay higher rates of interest on higher balances and enable you to make withdrawals with one or three-months’ notice when opportunities or needs arise,” says Private Banker Zoe Ross.

What are the latest benefits of using an Investec savings account?

To support your long-term ambitions and help you to make the most of your earning power, a savings account could help. At Investec we offer two private bank savings accounts: the Voyage Reserve; and the 3 Month Reserve. They differ in the length of notice required for a withdrawal and the level of interest offered to suit clients’ individual needs and circumstances.

“Where we previously offered clients the ability to earn interest on balances held in their savings accounts with us up to a particular limit, we have removed that cap and introduced new rates,” says Zoe.

View our savings rates

Account typeNotice PeriodInterest Rate £0.01 - £1,000,000Interest Rate £1,000,000.01 +
Voyage ReserveOne month3.25% gross p.a. / 3.20% AER (variable)5.00% gross p.a. / 4.89% AER (variable)


Account typeNotice PeriodInterest Rate £0.01 - £1,000,000Interest Rate £1,000,000.01 +
3 Month ReserveThree months3.75% gross p.a. / 3.69% AER (variable)5.25% gross p.a. / 5.13% AER (variable)

Interest is calculated daily and paid on a monthly basis.

Unlike online savings accounts, the private bank savings account options allow clients to benefit from the support of one of our private bankers, who can also help you with transactional banking, bespoke mortgages and foreign exchange requirements, to simplify your finances. “As your needs change or you want to use your savings, there may be other ways we can help you leverage your bonus, such as exploring a mortgage that reflects this discretionary income,” says Zoe.

For your convenience, your savings account balance can be viewed online alongside your transactional banking or currency account balances. You can make transfers yourself online or using our mobile banking app.

Do the accounts have a withdrawal limit?

There are no limits on the amount you’re able to withdraw; it is possible to withdraw your full balance by giving the corresponding period of notice depending on which account you have.


Zoe Ross
Zoe Ross, Private Banker, Investec

Where we previously offered clients the ability to earn interest on balances held in their savings accounts with us up to a particular limit, we have removed that cap and introduced new rates.


Is there anything else I should take into consideration?

When thinking about your savings, it’s important to consider your short and long-term goals and use a diversified savings and investment strategy that is right for you. We recommend seeking independent financial advice or getting in touch for more information.

“We know how time-poor investment bankers can be,” says Zoe. “We can work quickly and efficiently to find solutions and the one-to-one relationships we build help us pre-empt your needs.”

Am I eligible for one of these private bank savings accounts?

Our Voyage Reserve and 3 Month Reserve accounts are intended for those with a minimum annual income of £300,000, who open a current account or have a loan with Investec Private Bank. You must also be a UK or South African resident.


Please get in touch to find out more about private banking for investment banking professionals.


Important information:

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