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6 October episode

Nicola Mallard and Alicia Forry from the Investec consumer team discuss what is happening in the FMCG sector regarding ESG, and its growing importance going forward.

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Previous episodes of the podcast

17 July episode

A New Learned Behaviour – Investec’s Nicola Mallard and Alicia Forry discuss how four months of lockdown will likely change consumer behaviour. Topics covered include how we shop, what we buy, where we work, our use of packaging and emphasis on health. 

There will be implications for FMCG companies – they will need to reflect these changes in how they sell their products to consumers in a post pandemic world.

03 July episode

In this episode, Kate chats to Nicola about how Brexit could impact the retail sector, and they touch upon the potential mass disruption to supply chains.

Listen to Kate's in-depth analysis in one of our recent webinars >

10 June episode

In this episode, Nicola is talking with Kate and Ben about how the sector has performed throughout lockdown, but more importantly, they look ahead to the future of retail as the sector looks to reopen its doors to UK consumers.  

How is the FMCG sector faring during the coronavirus outbreak?

Retail analyst, Ben Hunt, speaks with Investec's Nicola Mallard and Alicia Forry about how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the world of fast moving consumer goods.

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