Like with most of our clients, we’ve been there through the ups and downs. From celebrating an early retirement, to dealing with the loss of a loved one, to helping the next generation. Andrew and Jane’s story is about knowing where life can take you.

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Our Story

11 years ago, I decided I needed professional assistance concerning a family inheritance as well as my own personal savings. I received a recommendation from a family member who had been very happy with the one particular company they’d been receiving advice and investment plans from. It was Investec Wealth & Investment (UK); and we’ve been together ever since.

"Thanks to their team, my wife and I are looking forward to the future and I am positive in putting my trust in them with all our finances."
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How they helped us

A decade into our working relationship, I decided to look into the possibility of early retirement, and, to this end, they introduced me to one of their Financial Planning Directors. From the beginning, they were very empathetic, professional and thorough in providing me with a full and realistic pension/investment plan, taking the time to talk me through an early retirement strategy plan - one which has enabled me to retire 4 years early, at 59 instead of my initial target plan of 63 years old!

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Looking to the future

The ongoing plan they then created for my wife and I facilitated a very positive standard of living to enjoy early retirement with our family. Not forgetting a few nice holidays, too.

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