Doctors wearing VR goggles
The future of health and medicine - where can technology take us? with Dr Daniel Kraft 

Dr Kraft explores how rapidly emerging, game-changing and convergent technology will change the face of healthcare and medicine in the next decade.

  • This includes low cost personal genomics, the digitisation of health records, crowd sourced data, molecular imaging, wearable devices, synthetic biology, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing and regenerative medicine.

  • This transformation could empower clinicians, empower patients and deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.

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About our speaker

Dr Daniel Kraft

Dr Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and innovator and is serving as the chair of the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance Task Force.

  • With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Dr Kraft has chaired the Medicine for Singularity University since its inception in 2008. He is founder and chair of Exponential Medicine, a programme that explores convergent, rapidly developing technologies and its potential in biomedicine and healthcare.

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