Medical data
Understanding and using abundant data in healthcare

The advent of digital technology in healthcare and other industries has brought new opportunities for data in improving systems, making better-informed decisions and enhancing overall patient care. How well are these data opportunities understood and explored? Could data storytelling be used to convey complex ideas, change mindsets and influence behaviours?

Health informatics expert, Dr Chris Mathew, will be joined by seasoned journalist Kojo Baffoe in conversation on the role of data in healthcare innovation.

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Understanding and using abundant data in healthcare

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About our speakers

Dr Christopher Mathew

Dr Chris Mathew

Dr Chris Mathew is currently the Health Informatics Officer for Netcare. He serves as the clinical lead for their digitisation project, which will establish the largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system on the continent and create South Africa’s first fully digitised hospital.  

Before joining Netcare, Chris trained as a medical doctor, completed an MBA as a Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld Hoffman Saïd Scholar and then a Masters in international health and tropical medicine as a ExxonMobil Global Health Scholar, both at the University of Oxford. He is passionate about healthcare and technology, the intersection of the two and improving healthcare for all South Africans.

Kojo Baffoe

Kojo Baffoe

Kojo Baffoe is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, content architect and former magazine editor.  

He is an African, committed to contributing to the development and future of this continent, across sectors and countries.  

Having worked in multiple industries at different levels, he brings those experiences and insights into anything that he is involved in.  

He works to create solutions to business challenges in a way that is relevant, resonates and is contextual. 

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