Young professionals

Young professionals

Investing in your future

Many organisations rely on data and algorithms to define their clients. But, data may often get the numbers right, and the people wrong. Where others see you as a sum of data, Investec sees you. As a young professional, we take the time to build a relationship with you to understand you and your aspirations better. We believe in a client experience that is personal, flexible and simply Out of the Ordinary.

We see you as #MoreThanData.


Data capture can never capture who you really are.
Where others see you as a sum of your data, Investec sees you


Being part of a leading, international Private Bank gives you access to our expertise, 24/7 support and exclusive benefits and rewards, for one transparent monthly fee. And, through Investec. One Place we enable you to manage and grow your wealth, both locally and internationally.


Access a Private Bank Account with simple and convenient transactional banking for one transparent monthly fee.

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Get up to 100% financing with a personalised payment plan structured around your cash flow requirements.

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For no additional fees, you can open one of our Cash Investment Accounts to save your money and watch it grow.

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Access international banking and our global investment expertise, including a sterling-based UK transactional account or an online share trading account.

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Access comprehensive long-term and short-term insurance that enables you to protect your assets and your lifestyle.

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Online and in touch 24/7

Through our 24/7 global Client Support Centre, your specialist Private Banker and Investec Digital, it’s easy to manage your banking and investments  accounts.

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Industry experts share their views on the impact of big data on client service.
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