Investec Private Bank Account clients can open an Investec Youth Account for children (under the age of 25) for no additional monthly fee.

A Youth Account that kick-starts your child's financial future

Investec Youth Account: Little girl and her mom counting on an abacus

Transact, withdraw, access

The Investec Youth Account is a separate transactional account in your child’s name and comes with an internationally accepted Visa debit card embossed with their name. It offers unlimited free card transactions, free cash withdrawals at till points of select retailers and unlimited. complimentary access to all SAA-owned and Bidvest Premier lounges in South Africa. It also offers basic travel insurance when buying international travel tickets using the Visa card. 

Investec Youth Account: Young girl counting coins

Complimentary savings account

To teach children about the importance of saving, a PrimeSaver savings account is automatically opened with the Youth Account. With no monthly fee, this instant-access savings account is one of the best in the market, offering a premium prime-linked interest rate. There is no minimum balance requirement.  

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24/7 access through Investec Online

Youth Account holders will have their own Investec Online login as well as access to the exclusive Investec Youth App. This easy-to-use online banking service and mobile app lets account holders perform their own transactions, make balance enquiries, set up savings goals, transfer funds and pay beneficiaries as well as purchase data, airtime and prepaid electricity. 

You also get full access

Investec Youth Account: Choosing the best bank account for kids

As the primary account holder, you have full access to view and transact on the Youth Account through Investec Online and the Investec App. You also receive a notification every time there is activity on the Youth Account, such as a card transaction, ATM withdrawal or electronic payment.


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More information on the Youth Account

Download fact sheets > PDF 461.81 KB

Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to open a bank account for my child?

    To open your children’s bank account, you will need:

    1. A copy of their birth certificate, ID book or Smart ID card, or passport
    2. Proof of address
    3. If you are not the legal guardian, copies of the legal guardian’s ID and proof of residence are required.

    Submit these documents when you apply at Investec Online. 

  • At what age should I open a bank account for my child?

    It is your choice when you feel your child is at the right age to have their own bank account. However, many parents elect to open an account during their child’s early teenage years.

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