Foreign Currency Call Deposit

We’re excited to introduce our new Foreign Currency Call Deposit exclusive to Private Bank Account holders. You can now save in a foreign currency directly from your Private Bank Account in rands.

What are the benefits of a Foreign Currency Call Deposit?

This deposit account is a great way to diversify your savings if you wish to broaden your savings horizon. It is also ideal if you receive rental income from offshore property, or want to keep legitimately held funds offshore.


For those who travel to the UK or the US for certain periods during the year, or you’re on secondment and earning a salary while physically offshore, it ensures you are never short of currency while away.

How it works
  • A deposit of $1,000 or £1,000
  • Pay zero monthly account fees
  • No notice needed to access your funds 


You may open it online and fund it directly from your Private Bank Account or funds from offshore.


The Foreign Currency Call Deposit gives you flexibility, convenience and allows you to follow your savings journey in One Place™.

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