Saving for South Africa

Savings: boy at crossroads

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Unpacking the side hustle: a continuation of the Investec initiative, Saving for South Africa

Saving for South Africa is an Investec initiative that was born out of the necessity to drive the conversation around savings in South Africa. Specifically, we ask what saving means for South Africans and how savings can change a country.


A crucial part of the conversation is the need to start talking about creative ways for people to augment their savings through a second income stream – the side hustle. How can a side hustle add to your income and savings – thus helping yourself and the country? The current stories covered in our series unpack these questions and more. 

René Grobler and Nic Haralambous unpack the side hustle

Securing your financial future through your side hustle.

Why was the Investec GIBS Savings Index developed?

"Fresh thinking and a new perspective on the savings dilemma that we face as a nation."

René Grobler - Investec Cash Investments head

Listen to the latest podcasts in our Saving for South Africa podcast series

"Financial and mental resilience"

Saving for South Africa – part five

Prof. Adrian Saville, Maya Fisher and Dr. David Rosenstein talk about mental and financial resilience. 

"The state of our national savings"

Saving for South Africa - part four

Our panel comprising of Dr. Adrian Saville, Dhiren Mansingh and Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana discuss the latest Investec GIBS Savings Index print number as well as the current state of our nations savings. 

Investec GIBS Savings Index report


The Savings Index is devoted to stories of transformation and change, stories of countries, communities, and families that make the journey from "poor" to "prosperous". These are not stories of miracles that peddle in false hope or that are filled with naive optimism. The cases covered deal with common problems, common ingredients, and examine how ordinary places become extraordinary. Can finding new income streams contribute to increased savings? Find out more by downloading the report.


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GIBS Savings Index

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Rene Grobler
Saving for Soth Africa
The Investec GIBS Savings Index

The Investec GIBS Savings Index aims to unpack the real facts about South Africa’s decline in savings and create an aspirational benchmark for savings in South Africa.