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The S&P 500 Index provides exposure to five hundred of the largest companies listed in the United States according to market capatilisation.


Summary of offering

Enhanced return potential

Enhanced return of 8.4% p.a. in USD should the Index end flat / 
positive on any call date. Option for local JSE listed (settled in ZAR) or offshore Dublin listed

Capital preservation

100% capital protection in USD  provided the index does not end below 70% of Initial Index Level

Term to maturity

Maximum 5 years, but may be subject to earlier redemption at the  end of years 3 or 4

Minimum investment

R100,000 and increments of R1,000

OR $6,000 and increments of $1,000

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Investec USD S&P 500 Autocall Legal IBLIX13 USD PDF 2.5 MB
Investec USD S&P 500 Autocall Legal SPXIIN ZAR PDF 2.54 MB
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