Harcourt Street 1 (RF) Limited

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Harcourt Street 1 (RF) Limited (“Harcourt”) is a multi-issuer secured note programme (“the Programme”). Under the Programme an issuer, subject to compliance with all the relevant laws, the Debt Listing Requirements of the JSE Limited, and the terms and conditions contained in the Programme, may from time to time issue limited recourse, contractually segregated listed or unlisted, secured notes.

Each Series Transaction under Harcourt is contractually segregated and noteholders under each series will only have recourse to the asset in their specific Series. Each Series Transaction will have a separate Security SPV which will hold a guarantee from the issuer in favour of the noteholders, and other secured creditors. In the event of a Series Asset Event, the Security SPV will exercise this guarantee and perfect the security under this guarantee on behalf of the noteholders of the specific Series

In respect of a Series Transaction, if the net proceeds of the enforcement of the Series Security are not sufficient to make all payments then due in respect of the Notes issued in respect of that Series Transaction, the obligations of the Issuer will be limited to such net proceeds and the other assets of the Issuer will not be available to meet any shortfall, which shall be borne by the Series Secured Creditors of the Issuer in accordance with the applicable Series Priority of Payments. The Issuer will not be obliged to make any further payment in excess of such net proceeds and no debt shall be owed by the Issuer in respect of such shortfall.

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Annual Financial Statements - 2023
Annual Financial Statements - 2022
Annual Financial Statement - 2021
Annual Financial Statement - 2020
Programme Memorandum
Applicable Issuer Supplement
Annual Financial Statement - 2017
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Series 10

Sub series 1

H10T5 - Pricing Supplement - 16-11-22
Applicable Pricing Supplement
Series Guarantee
Investor Report - May 2020

Sub series 2

Applicable Pricing Supplement
Series Guarantee
Investor Report - June 2020

Sub series 4

Applicable Pricing Supplement
Series Guarantee

Sub series 6

H10T6 Applicable Pricing Supplement 24.03.23

Applicable Transaction Supplement

Applicable Transaction Supplement

Series 12


H132T1 - Pricing Supplement - 20-09-2023
H112T1 - Pricing Supplement - 26-07-2023
H121T4 - Pricing Supplement - 30-06-2023
H128T1 - Pricing Supplement - 16-05-2023
H129T1 - Pricing Supplement - 15-06-2023
H127T1 - Pricing Supplement - 06-04-2023
H120T2 - Pricing Supplement 04.04-2023
H12T3 - Pricing Supplement - 30-03-2023
H12T27 - Pricing Supplement - 27-02-2023
H12T16 - Pricing Supplement 30-12-2022
H12T16 - Pricing Supplement 04-11-2022
H12T22 - Pricing Supplement 10-10-2022
H12T20 - Pricing Supplement 06-10-2022
H12T21 - Pricing Supplement 30-09-2022
H12T19 - Pricing Supplement 23-08-2022
H12T4 - Pricing Supplement 28-09-2021
H12T3 - Pricing Supplement 05-08-2021
H12T2 - Pricing Supplement 05-08-2021
H12T1 - Transaction Supplement
H12T1 - Pricing Supplement 16-10-2020
H12T1 - Master Guarantee