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Fixed income forms an important component of a long-term balanced portfolio. We assist asset managers, pension funds, life companies and hedge funds with pricing and hedging solutions to manage their risks in fixed income markets.

Partner with a team with the experience and knowledge of the fixed income markets and the fundamentals that underpin them.

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What we offer

Our team has a deep understanding of local and global economic fundamentals and the dynamics that underpin the fixed income markets, helping you to set strategies and identify opportunities.

  • Credit

    Invest in specialised credit instruments such as floating-rate notes or zero-coupon bonds, or in derivatives such as credit default swaps and credit-linked notes.

    Bond futures and bond forwards

    Hedge and manage the risks in your bond portfolios through bond forwards.

    Government bonds

    Manage your exposure and duration in your government bond portfolio, supported by our in-depth bond market research.

    Interest rate derivatives

    Get the right mix of fixed and floating rate exposure, through our skilled structuring team.

Our Teams

Fixed Income - Flow

The fixed income and currency (FIC) team provide asset managers, pension funds, life companies, and hedge funds with pricing and hedging solutions to manage their risks in the foreign exchange, fixed income markets.

Fixed Income - Structuring

Through Investec Bank’s loan origination activities, we offer you participation in listed and unlisted instruments. The Institutional Sales & Structuring Desk serves as the structured product & distribution house for institutions across several asset classes.

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The team

Simbai Myezwa

Head: Institutional Sales & Structuring

David Gracey

Head: Foreign exchange and fixed income trading

Jeanine Polley

Head: Balance sheet management – ZAR funding