Access the expertise of our global investment managers

With Investec’s retirement investment solutions you gain access to Investec Wealth and Investment’s range of unit trust funds. Our funds are managed by experienced fund managers based in South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and backed by a tried and tested global investment strategy.

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Retirement annuities

  • A long-term investment that allows you access to your funds from the age of 55 years
  • Contributions are tax deductible within allowable limits
  • Pay no tax on the interest, dividends and capital gains earned within your RA investments
  • Start saving with a minimum monthly debit order of R1 000, an initial lump sum of R10 000, or a combination of the two

Preservation fund

  • An Investment to preserve your pension or provident fund savings when you change jobs
  • Funds are only accessible after the age of 55, however one withdrawal is permitted before this age (this is taxable).
  • Pay no taxes on the interest, dividends and capital gains earned on your investments within the Preservation fund 


Want to start investing?

Our retirement annuities and preservation funds are only available to existing Investec Private Bank Account holders. Find out if you qualify.



Retirement annuities and preservation funds

Our range of retirement investment solutions help you save in a tax-efficient way, so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement

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Actively managed funds

  • Funds are actively managed by our expert Investec Wealth & Investment managers
  • All investment decisions are backed by a rigorous global investment strategy

Regulation 28 compliant

  • Funds are invested in different asset classes to spread investment risk
  • The interest and dividends on the underlying investments are used to purchase additional units

Range of funds

  • Select a fund based on your investment objectives
  • Investec BCI Balanced High Equity Fund - designed to deliver consistent growth of capital and income over the long-term with a bias towards equity investments.
  • Investec BCI Diversified Growth Fund of Funds – offers a moderate to high long-term total return with a focus on investment growth by investing across a diversified range of asset classes and underlying portfolios.
  • Investec BCI Balanced Fund of Funds – aims to achieve long-term growth of capital and income by investing in a diversified range of assets.
  • Investec BCI Income Fund of Funds - provides a high level of income and capital stability through an actively managed multi-asset portfolio that aims to produce enhanced cash returns over the medium-term.

Secure online access

  • Open a retirement annuity through Investec Online and the App
  • Conveniently add extra funds at any time
  • Manage your monthly debit order amount
  • Simply contact us to transfer or create a preservation fund

Who can open an Investec retirement investment?

Our retirement investment solutions are only open to existing Investec Private Bank Account holders.



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Find out if you qualify to be an Investec Private Banking client.


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