12-month fixed deposit

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When it's important to you, save with Investec

12 months

Fixed term


Minimum deposit amount

No bank account needed

Anyone can save

Fixed deposit daily interest rates

See the latest interest rate for the 12-month fixed deposit account below*


12 month Fixed Deposits Nominal* Period Effective
Individuals over 55 years of age 9.30% 9.71%
Individuals under 55 years of age 9.05% 9.43%
12 month Fixed Deposits Nominal* Period Effective
Individuals over 55 years of age 9.30% 9.71%
Individuals under 55 years of age 9.05% 9.43%

*Rates are subject to change. T&C's apply

See what your returns could be:
  • Fixed deposit future value calculator

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    Term *
    Interest Rate *

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    Future Value (Interest compounded)*

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    Interest Paid at Maturity*

    {[rate]} %

    Nominal Rate (NACM)

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    Interest Paid Monthly (Approximately)*

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    Period Effective Yield

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12-month fixed deposit savings account

When it's important to you, you take the time and focus on what's best.

Our 12-month fixed deposit gives your savings the care it deserves. Earn comptetitive rates, enjoy unequalled service and the peace of mind of being with Investec. When it's important - never settle for ordinary.

Save in an Investec 12-month fixed deposit account. You don’t need a private bank account and can save from R100,000. There are no monthly fees to erode your savings and your capital is guaranteed. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What is a 1-year fixed deposit?

    A 1-year fixed deposit is a savings account where your funds are invested for 12 months. The interest rate is fixed for the 12 month term. You won’t be able to make any withdrawals from this account for the full duration of the term.  

  • 2. What are the benefits of a 12-month fixed deposit?

    A 12-month fixed deposit is an excellent vehicle for medium to long-term savings goals. You can earn higher interest rates with fixed deposit savings than through an instant access or notice deposit account, and reliably forecast how much your investment will earn over the life of the term with a fixed interest rate.

  • 3. Can I get monthly interest on fixed deposit?

    Yes, you can get paid your interest monthly, or compound your interest until the maturity date of the savings period. Interest is transferred into the bank account of your choice.

  • 4. Is interest on a fixed deposit taxable?


  • 5. Are there any tax restrictions on tax free deposits?

    Yes. Amounts exceeding the tax free allowance will be taxed in full.

  • 6. Is there any risk in a fixed deposit?

    The biggest risk of a fixed deposit is that your capital is locked away for the investment period and you will not have access to this until the term has ended without incurring an early withdrawal penalty fee. 

  • 7. What is the minimum amount for fixed deposit?

    The minimum amount required to open an Investec 12-month fixed deposit is R100,000.

  • 8. How does a fixed deposit account work?

    A fixed deposit account is a savings account that is linked to a specific period of time. Once the capital amount has been invested and the period has been chosen (e.g. 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 60 months) the interest rate is defined and locked in until the end of that chosen length of time.