Oil market update

22 Feb 2021

Callum Macpherson


Head of commodities, Callum Macpherson, provides a weekly update on the movements and changes impacting the oil market. 

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22 February 2021 oil market update

Brent breached $65 per barrel at the end of last week but is slightly lower this morning. We take a look at what to expect this week in the oil markets. 

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Earlier episodes of the podcast

15 February 2021 oil market update

Brent has continued to increase in price and has even come close to $64 per barrel today. We take a look at what is driving this move. 

8 February 2021 oil market update

Brent is trading at $60 per barrel for the first time since January 2020. Callum Macpherson analysis how this is possible considering demand is weaker now than it was then. 

1 February 2021 oil market update

Again the oil market has been little moved over the last week as Brent continues to trade around 55 dollars per barrel. 

25 January 2021 oil market update

It's been a relatively quiet week for oil markets. Callum Macpherson unpacks the recent events impacting the markets this week. 

18 January 2021 oil market update

This week we talk through the 2021 Oil Hedging Considerations pieces which Callum Macpherson's team issued at the end of last week.

11 January 2021 oil market update

Brent has performed very well since the new year began increasing to $56 per barrel. We take a look at why this has occurred and what may happen in the near future. 

7 December oil market update

OPEC emerged after agreeing on a deal concerning oil demand. Callum analyses this and the impact on the oil market. 

30 November oil market update

OPEC and its associates have a lot to think about as its two-day meeting starts today (Monday 30 November). 

23 November oil market update

Brent rallied up to 46 dollars per barrel this morning in response to positive news surrounding Covid-19 vaccines. We take a look at what this may mean for OPEC heading into 2021. 

16 November oil market update

We take a look at how the news of a potential Covid-19 vaccine will have on the oil market. 

2 November oil market update

We saw a break out in the range last week and Brent moved down to the mid-30s, Callum analyses the contributing factors. 

12 October oil market update

Brent rallied strongly at the end of last week, possibly due to Hurricane Delta passing through. We analyse this and other factors impacting oil price this week. 

5 October oil market update

Due to a number of reasons including; coronavirus and uncertainty over President Trump's health, Brent traded down to its lowest levels since June last week. Callum Macpherson reviews this and what may happen in the next few days. 

29 September oil market update

The oil market appears to have quietened down again, we analyse why it has settled down and the rising strength in diesel demand. 

21 September oil market update

Callum Macpherson looks back on a volatile week for the oil market and examines the significance of recent moves. 

7 September oil market update

Brent reached $41.50 per barrel earlier today. We analyse this and US inventory numbers and gasoline demand.


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