1. How would you describe your relationship with money? 

 “I certainly like to think that I have a pretty good relationship with money. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t like to have a little spend every now and again, but I do save the vast majority of my money or invest it elsewhere. I have quite a few properties now, and a couple of other investments as well, which gives me some security looking forwards.”

2. Do you have a savings goal?

 “I don’t have a savings goal which is set in stone. I just want to be comfortable when I retire from rugby; I don’t want to be worrying about money or having to get another highly paid job to be able to support my family. We don’t live beyond our means, and I want to be able to spend my time when I retire with my loved ones, doing what we want to do together, and only really getting involved in other projects that I am passionate about and see a future in. So that’s the main goal, financially speaking.”

Legend Courtney Lawes at the Investec Champions Cup
Courtney Lawes, Flanker, Northampton Saints

Having had kids quite young, I knew it would be important for us to have money saved or invested for the future.


3. What is the area of life that you invest in?

“I’d say the biggest investment at the moment is the house we’re living in right now, kitting that out and getting it exactly how we want it to be. Most of the money that I am not investing or putting away into savings is being used on the house. I’m also a very low-level Pokémon card collector with my little ones, so we’ll spend a little bit on that too! Like any family, we love good food and travelling together, so we’re looking forward to doing more of that after my rugby career has ended.”

4. A playing career has a finite timeframe. Do you think about your financial future?

 “Yes, this is definitely something we’ve been thinking about for a while now. Having had kids quite young, I knew it would be important for us to have money saved or invested for the future.”

5. What is/would be your business?

“I’ve got a few different ventures I am looking forward to going into when I’ve finished playing rugby. I can’t really say what they are just yet – I’ve got to keep that close to my chest for now! But I’m certain I will be keeping myself very busy rather than sitting at home being bored.”

6. What would your dream home look like?

“My dream home is somewhere pretty rural, with a bit of land. We need enough space for our kids and pets to be able to enjoy themselves. It would be somewhere nice and scenic too, while good neighbours are also always a bonus! It doesn’t need to be absolutely huge, just somewhere that has enough room for us as a family of six, plus pets.”

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