Peter Izard

I lead the business development team for mortgage intermediaries at Investec Private Bank. I create bespoke mortgage solutions for high net worth clients from across the mortgage intermediary market.

I am a performance driven and resourceful Business Development Manager with a proven track record of significant commercial impact. I have an extensive knowledge of the distribution landscape in financial services, in both the Appointed Representative and Directly Authorised platforms. I am informed on all regulatory issues in the market including MMR RDR and TCF. My personal profile is established in the marketplace with extensive contacts and I hold a high and well profiled media presence.

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What constitutes a large loan? How do people get large mortgages? What is the property market doing in this arena? Peter Izard features as a special guest on the Mortgage Show Podcast, hosted by Andrew Mortlake, director of brand, marketing  and communications at Coreco.

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Peter Izard

Business development manager

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