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All the information you need to provide your high-net-worth clients with a bespoke mortgage solution.


Client application forms

Mortgage application forms, direct debit forms and more. 

Broker documents and forms

Various forms and information including terms of business. 

Consumer Duty

Details on product benefits, target markets, distribution strategies, customer vulnerability consultations and value assessments.

Insights for mortgage brokers

Explore our latest property insights, case studies and industry research for mortgage brokers working with high-net-worth individuals. 

Case studies

Examples of how our mortgages can help clients like yours. 

Video library

Popular questions answered, including how we assess affordability and mortgage loan potential for HNWs, and how we deal with complex income structures, including bonuses, profit share and foreign income. 

Our mortgage rates


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If you're a mortgage broker and want to discuss how we can help your clients (minimum income £300,000) with their mortgage, contact us.

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If you're a mortgage broker and want to discuss how we can help your high-net-worth clients (minimum income £300,000) with their mortgage, fill out your details below and we'll get in touch.

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