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Redefining Success

Investec private bank accounts
Investec private bank accounts

At Investec Private Bank, we understand that success is not the same to everyone. That’s why we provide financial services tailored to the needs of our clients. 

Designed for high net worth individuals


Minimum yearly earnings required to qualify


Net worth in order to be eligible


Service from your private banker and client support team

It’s your time for private banking

Client service not customer service

Our people are at the very heart of your service. As a forward-thinking, like-minded individual, your dedicated private banker is in it for the long run. The better they get to know you, the better they can service your needs.

Products designed to be used not sold

Everything we do is created for you. Like your dedicated private banker, our private banking products have your best interests at heart. In a world of introductory bonuses and hidden charges, that’s Out of the Ordinary.

Access to world-class specialists

We are about people, not processes. Your private banker gets you the best answer by connecting you with a specialist, whether you are looking to bank, borrow, save or invest.

Deborah Sayagh, private banker, mortgage specialist Investec
Deborah Sayagh, private banker to private equity professionals, working at Investec since 2013

You can rely on your dedicated private banker to get to know you and your unique requirements. Like you, we enjoy the challenge of finding new solutions.

Understanding your world

Private equity professionals

Private equity professionals

You’re always chasing opportunity and immersing yourself in the details of making a
deal happen, no matter how challenging.

As a founder-managed business, we relish working with like-minded people and it’s these shared values that drive us to deliver a comprehensive, award-winning offering that spans your personal and professional life.


Finance professionals

Finance professionals

You’re in the business of making important decisions in a stimulating environment but you know, like us, that challenges can result in big rewards.

We understand how demanding your life is and that there can be blurred lines between your
personal and professional life.

Our ‘always on’ attitude not only keeps up with you, but helps drive you forward.


Corporate directors

Corporate directors

You lead and inspire a business full of passion and potential. While you’re focused on the direction of your company, you’ll need someone by your side to keep your own finances in order.

We understand that your time is valuable, and that’s why we’re here to support your success
with simple, efficient and transparent service.


Business owners

Business owners

We understand you have demanding circumstances and an unconventional approach to business. Your wealth strategy will change over time and depending on your circumstances, your wealth may be tied up in your business.

We’ll offer you customised service and tailored investment advice to ensure your wealth you’ve worked hard for is maximised and protected.


International clients

International clients

Because you live a busy, international lifestyle, you need support and insight you can rely on from someone who understands your need to keep moving.

Our private bankers bring like-minded knowledge and experience to the table and will take the time to get to know you, your life and your international financial requirements.


Talk to a private banker about your requirements

If you earn a minimum of £300,000 a year, have a net worth in excess of £3m and want an exceptional private banking service that is designed to suit your individual needs, contact us directly or complete the form below.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7597 4050

Investec Bank plc and its subsidiaries recognise and respect the privacy and data protection rights of individuals with regards to personal data. 


We may use your personal data to provide you with services you request from us, or to manage your accounts, make decisions, detect and prevent fraud, fulfil any contractual relationship with you, undertake analysis and assessment, ensure that we comply with legal and regulatory requirements and/or for other purposes where in our legitimate interests. 


For further details as to how Investec uses personal data, please refer to our Data Protection Notice


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