Like with most of our clients, we’ve been there through the ups and downs. From celebrating an early retirement, to dealing with the loss of a loved one, to helping the next generation. Samantha's story is about knowing where life can take you.

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My Story

My husband passed away in 2012 which is when I first approached Investec Wealth & Investment (UK). I had received an insurance pay out, but with the futures of my two young daughters to consider, I strongly felt I needed to ensure the monies we had today would also provide for the future.

"What's really nice though, and has been a very reassuring development since I lost my husband, is that we've built more than a working relationship. They're now an invaluable support."
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How did we help

The Financial Planner I met with sensed my long-term concerns, and worked hard to build a personal relationship with me and a full understanding of our requirements. Our first priority was to protect our financial security whilst making sure school fees were covered - finding the balance between securing an income from our portfolio to cover ongoing expenses, while minimising erosion of the capital.

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Looking to the future

Now the girls are reaching the end of their schooling our emphasis has shifted towards freeing some capital for them – and for me! – whilst also educating them on their own wealth management, something we agreed was important.

The Investec Wealth & Investment (UK) team are always available by email, phone or happy to meet me when I have needed them. They also always fully explain the performance of my portfolio and keep me updated on developments that may affect the value of our investments. Best of all however, is that my Financial Planner and I have built more than a working relationship. She has been an invaluable support and I look forward to continuing to work together and watch as she advises my children and helps to advance their financial literacy.

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