In these increasingly complex, time-constrained and uncertain times, Investec’s Private Bankers and Investment Managers have been partnering closely with our clients to find appropriate, individual financial solutions, including accessing funds and providing payment moratoriums. The solutions have been well received by our clients.

On the other hand, a lot of our work has been in encouraging clients to stay the course and maintain a long-term view of their investments, an approach that has stood our clients’ investment portfolios in good stead as the world has moved out of the worst of the lockdowns.

Recognised for eight consecutive years

Even though it’s been a particularly challenging time, we are honoured that the Financial Times of London has recognised Investec as the best Private Bank and Wealth Manager in South Africa - for an unprecedented eighth consecutive year.


This prestigious international award is testament to the continuous evolution of our One Place™ philosophy and our partnership with our clients and their families.

A unique proposition

One Place™ is a unique proposition in South Africa, providing our clients with access to Investec’s banking and investment services, both locally and internationally. Through One Place™, our clients can create, grow, preserve and protect their wealth for future generations.


We are actively evolving Investec’s One Place™ offering with the services, expertise and platforms to manage our clients’ wealth and banking needs, across generations and geographies.

A life-long partnership

Our Private Banking and Investments proposition lies beyond money and wealth. We believe in creating an ecosystem that, through shared value, has the exponential power to solve problems, do good, create impact and redefine wealth. 


Our goal is to form life-long relationships with our clients by building the experience and value proposition for each client segment and life-stage, including young professionals, young families, businesses, established families, retirees and global families. This ensures we meet clients’ needs and support them throughout their life journey.

Our clients’ actively managed investment portfolios are underpinned by a rigorous investment strategy drawn from our leading investment professionals in South Africa, the UK and Switzerland. This strategy looks beyond short-term market influences and at the longer-term fundamentals that preserve and grow wealth for our clients and their families.

Always evolving

This year, we have continued to internationalise our banking and investment offering. We are expanding our Tax & Fiduciary capabilities to meet a growing need among our high net worth individuals and families to structure their assets appropriately. Investec Philanthropy was created to assist clients to navigate their philanthropic journeys, guided by their values, passion, intended family legacies and the impact they want to have on broader society. We are also actively including sustainability considerations, notably issues of an environmental, social and governance (ESG) nature into our investment analysis and related activities.


We are embracing data as the currency of peoples’ Out of the Ordinary lives. We are doing this by educating our clients on data security and introducing a Digital Asset Vault on Investec Online. This vault is a safe storage place, making it easy and convenient for our clients to access their personal data anywhere, any time. The vault will soon allow them to store, as well as send and receive, digital assets in wallets – including bitcoin.


Investec Life continues to offer tailored life insurance to our clients and enables them to protect what’s most important to them, with efficient, flexible and comprehensive insurance solutions as unique as their lives. This includes Life, Disability and Severe Illness cover, Mortgage and Income Protection Cover as well as Business Overheads Cover.

High tech, high touch

Our multiple award-winning value proposition follows a high tech and high touch approach. Covid-19 has meant more virtual conversations, but the essence of our approach remains.


Clients can easily contact their specialist Private Banker or specialist Investment Manager who will endeavour to distil complexity into clarity through intelligent, intuitive human conversations. Our global Client Support Centre is also available 24/7 and our graduate professionals are empowered to deal with queries and requests.


We are better able to deliver on our client-centric, personalised promise because of our digital capabilities. Investec Online and our App enable our clients to get a consolidated view of their banking and investment accounts, locally and internationally, on one platform with one login. They can transact easily from anywhere in the world.

Increasingly we see ourselves as financial physicians, helping clients to maximise their financial health, in a way that allows them to fulfil their family and legacy goals.

Clients remain the heart of our business

Our clients seek a human partnership that simplifies their financial lives. Driven by our core philosophies and values, Investec strives to be a distinctive bank and investment manager and our client-centric approach ensures that our clients remain the centre of our business.


By harnessing our entrepreneurial culture and commitment to risk management, we will continue to offer a distinctive, human-centred partnership to deliver solutions that add value for our clients and support their financial goals.

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