What is Private banking

Private banking provides exclusive banking services tailored to high-net-worth individuals, including personalised financial management and boutique financial products, credit facilities and specialised investment and wealth planning solutions. Private bankers enable high-income earners navigate the complexities of local and international banking and high-net-worth portfolios by creating bespoke holistic solutions to meet individual financial goals

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What are the key features and benefits of private banking?

Private banking offers a number of exclusive benefits for high-net-worth individuals and young professionals. These include:

Personalised banking services

From tailored credit facilities to specialised lending options and money management, private bankers work closely with individuals, providing personalised advisory services and banking strategies that align with their financial objectives and lifestyle preferences.

Exclusive access to banking products

Private banking clients can gain entry to a world of financial products designed to optimise their banking experience and elevate their financial success, from premium credit cards with enhanced benefits to exclusive investment opportunities.

Wealth management integration

Private banking seamlessly integrates wealth management services with banking, providing clients with a holistic approach to managing their finances. Clients can access investment advice, estate planning services, and tax management solutions alongside their banking activities, ensuring a cohesive strategy that addresses all aspects of their financial wellbeing

High-tech, high-touch service

Private banking often merges cutting-edge technology with personalised financial services to deliver a high-tech, high-touch banking experience. This often encompasses secure, advanced digital platforms that provide real-time insights and accessibility to transactional, savings and investment accounts and delivers an optimal financial journey.

Qualifying for private banking in South Africa

If you earn R800 000 or more per annum and meet the criteria, you may qualify for private banking in South Africa. Young professionals under 30 may qualify with a salary of R600 000 or more a year.


The role of a private banker

A private banker provides personalised banking and wealth management services for high-net-worth individuals. They offer a relationship banking-style approach to deliver tailored financial solutions, manage complex transactions and provide priority service. An experienced private banker is reliable personal touchpoint, efficiently managing every financial transaction with discretion and expertise.

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Become a Private Banking client

When you partner with Investec, you gain access to our award-winning Private Banking offering, which includes a suite of banking services, both locally and internationally, enabling you to create, grow, preserve, and protect your wealth.


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