Relationship banking

Relationship banking, often equivalent to private banking, is a suite of banking services that focuses on client-centricity. Relationship bankers work closely with their clients to understand their financial needs and goals. With highly individual and personalised financial services, it can build long-term connections with you, your family and your business.

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Although technology and online banking have provided us with greater convenience, our financial needs are often more complex than we realise, particularly when it comes to financing, loans, or understanding interest rates.

Most time-starved high-income or high net-worth professionals seek a financial institution they can trust and that will support them on their journey to wealth creation. The reality is that no financial relationship lasts for only a single transaction and we often underestimate the importance of the banker-client relationship.

Become a Private Banking client

When you partner with Investec, you gain access to our award-winning Private Banking offering, which includes a suite of banking services, both locally and internationally, enabling you to create, grow, preserve, and protect your wealth.


Interest rate

If you earn a specific salary or income, or hold a particular qualification, you may be eligible for an exclusive bank account and credit card with a competitive or preferential interest rate.

Credit facility

In certain instances, you may also receive a budget or credit facility. You will usually be assigned a dedicated private or relationship banker or concierge banking support desk to assist with your transactional or lending queries.


There are other perks too, such as special loyalty or rewards programmes, and exclusive offers.

Features and benefits

Do you need a relationship banker?

If you are seeking a simplified banking solution or want to save time, relationship-based banking may be suitable for you as it provides a central point of contact and quick access to other financial services.

For instance, busy medical professionals or business owners may prefer to have a dedicated banker or bank personnel available to assist with all their transactional and financing requirements.

A family banking offering may be an advantage for some, as it allows you to leverage the benefits of a rewards or loyalty programme.

Most importantly, when you have a close relationship with your banker and they understand your short- and long-term needs, they can guide you at every stage of your life, lifestyle and career.


Private or relationship banker

Providing personalised banking and investment services to high net worth individuals and families.

The banker acts as a central point of contact for their clients, offering tailored solutions to help you manage your wealth, achieve your financial goals and navigate a complex financial world and that, moreover, understand the current market and economy.

  • Transactional account

    A bank account and credit and debit card  for online or in-store purchases or ATM cash withdrawals. It usually offers benefits such as rewards, cashback, fraud protection and travel insurance. 

  • Savings account

    Special rates on accounts to save money for short-term goals or emergencies. The accounts accounts are low-risk and offer easy access to funds.

  • Online banking

    A convenient, digital way to make payments and manage finances, complimented with an App and digital support channels.

  • A loyalty or rewards programme

    Earn points or rewards for your loyalty, often redeemed as savings or other benefits. 

High touch is still a factor

In our fast-paced, technology-driven lives, the human touch remains crucial, particularly when it concerns our finances and future. Relationship banking like private banking provides a level of assurance, reliability and ease that is not often found in other retail banking services. It is important to find a bank with a solid reputation for providing value and service and that can cater to your financial needs.

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