Financial organisations should not underestimate the importance of being seen as a trusted digital touchpoint for clients as they go about their busy lives. Technology is crucial to such an approach and, while enormously beneficial, can easily lead to an organisation becoming viewed as a faceless digital brand.

Investec understands how important technology is to the modern professional. That’s why we embrace technology as a tool to help us deliver on our promise, while continuing to provide a client experience that remains both human and high touch. 


Clients at the centre 

As a specialist corporate bank, Private Bank and Wealth Management business, everything about our approach to technology centres around our clients' needs and the idea that technology and human interaction are complementary - not mutually exclusive.

Therefore, we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide clients with personalised, seamless experiences across our digital and human channels.

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, one where client needs are constantly evolving, our ability to deliver an integrated service offering is one of our key differentiators. Keeping clients at the centre of our focus also allows to simplify our interactions across our channels – human and tech.

Digitalising our DNA 

Our mission is to enable a personalised client experience, so we are deeply focused on our drive towards better business intelligence, through the responsible use of data.

To this end, our environment includes descriptive analytics, enhanced predictive analytics and is rapidly moving towards cognitive automation. Access to this data enables us to effectively cross-serve our clients, based on their individual life stages.

Information and integration 

We have also implemented a deliberate API strategy that aims to allow for the secure exchange of information and the integration of business capabilities, both internally and externally.

This allows our business clients to use universal plug-ins, like Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) solutions, while our private clients can access bank features in real time, through direct integration into their own systems.

This approach not only improves their operational efficiencies, but enables Programmable Banking functionality, allowing them to personalise rules on items like bank cards, for example.

Cloud first strategy 

We focus on developing a cloud first strategy that enables a genuinely scalable business model, allows for a better client experience, improves time to market and increases economies of scale. It means clients can drive their business growth objectives with ease.

Building out a platform 

We are building out a platform to enable partners and technology professionals to extend their Investec Digital experiences and capabilities. 

For our clients, the benefits include: 

  • Increased innovations -The platform is open to third-party developers and partners, allowing businesses into a wider pool of expertise and creativity - leading to more innovative and diverse solutions.
  • Faster time to market - By partnering with technology professionals and leveraging their skills and resources, businesses can accelerate their development cycles and bring new features and capabilities to market more quickly.
  • Scalability and flexibility - Businesses can respond more quickly to changing market demands and can scale up or down rapidly and stay competitive in a fast-changing landscape.
  • Enhanced client experience - By virtue of allowing for greater customisation and integration, the platform can help businesses provide a more seamless and personalised customer experience, resulting in greater client satisfaction and loyalty.

Self-directed investments

It should come as no surprise that digital investment platforms continue to grow in popularity among investors.

The beauty of digital self-directed investments is that it offers investors increased flexibility, control and transparency, along with greater convenience.

It gives investors more control over their individual portfolios, allowing them to make investment decisions based on their own research and analysis. They have the flexibility of investment options, providing access to a wider range of investment products.

Investec's digital investment platform gives investors real-time access to their portfolios, enabling them to track performance and adjust, as needed. They can access their digital investment accounts from anywhere, anytime using their desktop or mobile devices.

In addition, this platform enables us to bring new products to clients that match their evolving financial needs, such as the ability to save for retirement (a recent addition).

Advanced fraud detection

Fraud detection and control is critical for any financial institution. Therefore, as part of our ongoing commitment to protecting client data and privacy, Investec implements advanced security and fraud controls that use behavioural biometrics across our web and application platforms.

Behavioural biometrics is cutting-edge technology, designed to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse user behaviour patterns and detect potentially fraudulent activity.

What makes this so highly effective in identifying and preventing fraud is that it can detect anomalies in user behaviour that could indicate fraudulent activity, while at the same time delivering a seamless user experience.

Crucial as this implementation is, we have also invested in other security measures designed to protect client data and privacy, including advanced encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication.

Cyber-security is a differentiator

Trust lies at the heart of our business, so we never compromise on clients' privacy and security. We know our clients trust that our systems will be available to transact when they need it and their data and financial assets will be kept safe.

Our aim is to be a global leader in security. To remain on the cutting-edge of security, we approach security from a threat perspective. Multiple highly skilled third parties run annual targeted simulations to stress test our people controls and processes.

By protecting Investec, we protect our clients, reinforcing the confidence they have in our ability to protect their data. It supports the technology infrastructure that delivers a seamless innovative digital client experience.

Future technology focus

We understand that there is a hype cycle with any new technology, so we remain selective in our experimentation, choosing only the most promising new technologies.

To this end, we are investing in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain and cloud computing as we feel these will enhance our capabilities, boost efficiency and improve the overall client experience.

We also use agile development practices to quickly respond to changing market needs, enabling us to quickly roll out new features and services, significantly improving the client experience.

And finally…

To meet ever-evolving client needs, we leverage data and emerging technologies to enhance security and privacy.

But, Investec always looks at the use of technology through a client value lens. Technology helps to drive innovation, increases speed to market and improves scalability and flexibility.

Most importantly, it also ensures an Out of the Ordinary client experience that is not only high tech, but also high touch.


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PWM Wealth Tech award 2023

Investec has been awarded the Best Private Bank for use of Technology in Africa 2023 by Professional Wealth Management (PWM).

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