Cape Town Harbour

A turnaround for SA Inc

Investec’s Global Investment Strategy Group has increased South Africa’s risk score while maintaining a negative offshore stance. Join Chris Holdsworth, our Chief Investment Strategist, as he explains the rationale behind this positioning and shares his expectations of upside surprises in economic growth and earnings for SA Inc shares. Listen to the latest episode of the No Ordinary Wednesday podcast.

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Podcast key moments

00:00 – Introduction

01:17 – What’s behind Investec’s current global risk-off position

02:18 - What has the market priced in for the U.S? What indicators are you watching?

03:43 – How would a US slowdown impact the global economy?

04:14 – Disappointing economic data out of China, how concerned are you?

05:15 - What are the implications for the rest of the world should Chinese growth slow dramatically?

05:53 – Are we approaching a peak valuation in the U.S?

06:33 – What is the impact on global equities?

07:36 – How are markets responding to South Africa’s new administration?

09:10 - Do you expect structural reforms in South Africa to gather pace?

09:58 – Business confidence is still depressed, are you expecting an improvement?

10:51 – Opportunities for investors in South Africa

12:56 – SA economic growth outlook

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