UK Offshore

Banking for the global citizen

As part of Investec. One Place™  that gives you access to local and international banking, Investec’s SA Private Banking clients can open a sterling-based transactional account in the UK.

This account is designed as a secondary account to complement your primary SA Private Bank Account and is suitable if you regularly travel to the UK or receive income in the UK.

What the account offers you


For a monthly fee of £10 for maintaining the account, you get:

  • An Investec Visa chip and PIN and payWave enabled debit card
    • Free SMS notifications on account and card activity
      • A 0.25% Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) variable interest rate paid on your entire balance – no minimum balance is required to earn interest
        • Access to your account through Investec Online and App
          • The ability to load direct debits and standing orders
            • No foreign currency fees when you use your Investec debit card in Europe and certain other countries to make a debit card payment in a foreign currency. This also applies when you receive a credit (eg refund) to your debit card in a foreign currency or make a cash withdrawal in foreign currency outside the UK   

            24/7 support


            Through Investec Online and the Investec App, you can view and transact on your South African and UK accounts on one platform, with one login.


            If you need assistance, simply call our 24/7/365 global Client Support Centre on +27 11 286 9663.

            Apply now

            You can apply for a UK Private bank account through Investec Online or contact your Private Banker for more information.

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