CA Programme

Take an Out of the Ordinary leap

Take an Out of the Ordinary leap by developing your skills as part of the Investec CA Programme. As a trainee you are encouraged to be independant and bring your unique perspective. This offers you a solid grounding for your future CA career.

Unpacking the Investec CA Programme:


Ongoing support

With the commitment of a dedicated CA Programme team, our trainees receive top of the class support. To help you along the way, there is access to accredited board courses, simulated exams and support from your assigned CA buddy who is currently on the CA Programme.

CA Programme structure

You will complete six-monthly rotations with different business units, primarily based in our Johannesburg office. These will expose you to multiple facets of the business and have the opportunity to learn from experts in each area. Your experience will involve on-the job training and educational simulations. Find out more about how you will work in our various businesses and possibly have the option to work in one of our global offices.

Find out what it takes to partner with Out of the Ordinary:

  • An opportunity to work abroad

    Our CA Programme offers you the invaluable opportunity of working in global markets.

  • Challenging ordinary thinking

    Hands on experience that helps you challenge ordinary thinking

  • Our Culture

    Experiencing an Out of the Ordinary world of Investec

  • Your three-year journey

    Your three-year journey

  • What Investec is looking for

    What Investec is looking for in a CA Programme candidate

Tumelo Shakung Investec CA grad
"My rotation through different business units every six months, enabled me to deepen my learning and broaden my perspective. I was also able to forge good relationships and strong networks with a diversity of colleagues."

Tumelo Shakung, CA trainee

Distinctive Learning & Development

Entrepreneurial spirit

At Investec, we have a strong entrepreneurial culture and encourage each individual to take ownership of their own learning journey. We believe this stimulates extraordinary performance and empowers the talented people that we employ.

Enabling individuals

Investec is committed to growing and developing each individual. When it comes to the unique SAICA requirements that govern the Chartered Accountant profession in South Africa, we offer an Out of the Ordinary induction, customised learning interventions and simulated learning initiatives.

CA Programme FAQs

  • I have heard about doing my articles in Auditing (TIPP) and doing my articles in Financial Management (TOPP); please explain the difference between the two?

    To qualify as a CA, there are two main routes: the auditing route or the financial management option. Neither one is ‘better’ than the other. Both are equally rigorous. The difference lies not in the routes themselves, but in which one best suits your career plans. Regardless of the route you select, you will qualify as a Chartered Accountant. 
  • Is it possible to study part-time whilst working at Investec completing my articles?

    You need to have passed your CTA to be eligible. 
  • Who can apply for the Investec CA Programme?

    • Students who have obtained a relevant SAICA accredited undergraduate degree with consistently good academic results and are eligible to register for a CTA, PGDA or Honours in Accountancy
    • Students who have passed pure Maths at matric level
    • Full time students
    • Students of the Thuthuka Bursary Fund are not eligible to apply
    • Students who are currently serving articles are not eligible to apply
    • South African citizens - Investec wishes to encourage and promote South Africans to further their studies and qualifications in the hope that they will contribute significantly to the economic development of the country and to fully participate in the broader South African society. If you are not a South African citizen we we require a copy of a valid work permit in order to process your application. Please upload this with your documents.
  • When do CA Programme applications open/close?

    • Applications for the Investec CA Programme open on 1 February and close on 28 February every year for entry into the Programme the following year.
  • How do I go about applying for the CA Programme?

    Applications for the CA Programme are now open and close on 28 February every year. You will need the following documents in order to complete your application:
    • A copy of your CV
    • Martic certificate
    • Academic Transcripts
    • ID
    • Headshot image of yourself
  • What is the starting salary of a trainee?

    It is market-related.
  • I have completed a 6 month course/Diploma in Accounting, what are the next steps to becoming a CA?

    • In order to become a CA, you need to have studied an Accounting-related degree at a relevant SAICA accredited university, which will allow you to further your education towards a CA(SA) qualification. 
    • It is important to obtain your CTA/PGDA/Honours in Accounting and secure a 3 year training contract at a firm/bank.
    • Within these 3 years, you will be required to write and pass two board exams, after which you would then be eligible to register with SAICA as a CA(SA).
  • I studied at a university outside of South Africa, would I be able to join the Investec CA Programme?

    In order to be eligible, you need to have studied at a SAICA-accredited university.
  • I am a non-South African student studying at a SAICA accredited university, would I qualify for your programme?

    Investec wishes to encourage and promote South Africans to further their studies and qualifications in the hope that they will contribute significantly to the economic development of the country and to fully participate in the broader South African society.
    If you are not a South African citizen we require a copy of a valid work permit in order to process your application. Please upload this with your documents. 
  • Could I join the programme with a CIMA/ACCA qualification? Do you offer training for CIMA/ ACCA students?

    We require you to have studied towards a CA(SA) qualification, as our programme is regulated by SAICA, and it is tailor made for people studying towards this specific qualification
    Investec offers articles to people studying towards a CA(SA) qualification. 
  • Is there an age limit to the programme?

    There is no age limit to apply to the CA Programme 
  • SAICA board exam changes

    In 2006 the SAICA Board initiated a review of the qualification process with specific reference to the relevance of the CA in the future. This resulted in a review of the Part I exam (ITC), as well as review of the Part II exam (APC) to ensure the appropriate assessment of technical and professional competence.
    As of 2014, changes were made and have taken effect which resulted in all trainees completing their articles at an Audit firm (previously TIPP) and all trainees completing their articles at a financial institution (previously TOPP) will complete the same ITC exam and the same APC exam.
    It is therefore important to note that the PPE (Public Practice Examination) and Part II – Financial Management Exam was discontinued from 2014 and was replaced with the APC exam. Please refer to SAICA’s website for further information.
  • I am struggling to upload my documents on the website, please advise/can you assist/ is there an alternative way of submitting these?

    You need to submit your application online. 
    • Please make sure the following steps are taken to ensure the ease of submission of your documentation.
    • Once the form is loaded, please be sure to complete the necessary information requested.
    • Please note, that all documents required must be added in order to submit the application. The document types accepted by Investec are explained on the application form.
    • You will be able to save your application form progress and will be emailed a link for you to continue with the application process at a later stage. This link will expire on the closing date of applications.
    • To complete the form, click on the submit application button at the bottom of the page. You may be prompted to provide missing information before submitting. Please do so and complete. The application will then upload the relevant documents and submit the associated form and you will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted. 
    • Should you have difficulties submitting your application form, please email our CA Programme team [email protected]

Other CA Programme offerings:

CA Scholarship

CA Scholarship

Our support is holistic. As a Scholarship recipient, a mentor will be assigned to you, as well as the opportunity to engage with exam technique specialists. You will also have the opportunity to attend Pathfinder, Investec CA Events as well as vacation work, which enables invaluable exposure and experience.

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