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17 Mar 2023

Case study: Capital raise against a second home

Investec Mortgage Intermediaries team

Investec supported a successful technology-based entrepreneur who sold their business in 2016 and wanted to raise capital against their second home on the south coast.


The client

Since selling their business, the client has continued to be active in the technology sector through a combination of employment, consultancy and investment. The client has a complex income from a number of different sources including a salaried role, self-employed consulting contracts, multiple non-exec directorships and rental income from a property abroad. They are asset rich, but have a challenging income profile in comparison to overall debt.

The challenge

The client wanted to raise capital against a second home on the south coast valued at £5million, to replenish liquidity that had been used to develop the adjacent property and take advantage of potential investment opportunities in the tech sector in the future. The client’s goal was to put the money to work rather than leave the equity dormant in the property.

The solution

The challenge required Investec to take considerable time to understand the client’s overall income and wealth position as well as future potential. In order to meet affordability requirements, we looked at the client’s various income streams as well as existing liquidity. The client also had options at his disposal whereby he could generate additional income or sell assets to create a liquidity event. We provided a £2million loan, on an interest only basis on a five-year fixed term.


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