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Release capital tied up in finance agreements to reinvest in your business for growth. We offer a range of wholesale lending facilities, including block discounting and receivables finance.

Flexible solutions

To help you grow your business, we provide strategies designed around your needs. Our experts take the time to really understand your business and help you achieve your goals.

Block discounting

Are you looking to release capital tied up in your customer hire purchase, lease or loan agreements? With block discounting, you can reinvest it back into your business for growth.

Receivables finance

If you’re looking for an off-balance-sheet solution to release capital, receivables finance lets you transfer the credit risk tied up in your customer finance agreements to us.

Katherine Flannery

Katherine Flannery

Head of Wholesale Lending

Everything starts with a conversation, so give me a call and see how Out of the Ordinary thinking could benefit you.

Richard Adler

Richard Adler

Block Discounting

Block discounting in detail

Release your capital to grow your business. How it works:

  1. Your business batches together a ‘block’ of customer hire purchase, lease or loan agreements and sells them at a discounted value to us. 
  2. Your sales proceeds allow you to enter into new customer hire purchase, lease or loan agreements which can then be blocked, and so the cycle continues. 
  3. You repay the amounts advanced by us over the average life of the agreements and, as the facility is undisclosed, you retain full control of your customer base, acting as the collection agent. 
  4. As you make repayments, capital is released under the block facility, enabling further drawdowns and continued growth.

Receivables finance in detail

Your off-balance-sheet financing solution. How it works:

  1. You assign the contract rights (and in some instances sell the funded assets) under your customer agreements to us on either a disclosed or undisclosed basis.
  2. We discount the assigned receivables at an agreed rate to calculate a purchase price.
  3. Once paid, you can use this working capital to invest and grow your business.

Please note: The nature of the finance agreements acceptable to us varies according to the counterparty – but may include finance lease, hire purchase, managed service or other similar term agreements.

‘Investec will try and move mountains to get to a deal done, ensuring both broker and customer satisfaction.’
Steve Swift, Director, Kennet Equipment Leasing


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Lending limits for receivables finance

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