Whether you are a South African based corporate or are based in other African jurisdictions, access appropriate debt financing advice to achieve your objectives. 


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Choose effective funding strategies

Diversifying your sources of capital can be an effective way to protect your business from rapidly changing markets. Partner with a team that has extensive debt capital advisory experience across the full range of debt products and markets. Let us help your business remain resilient in both favourable and difficult environments.

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Use an integrated approach

Receive tailored solutions to serve your specific capital raising needs. Your business can benefit from funding strategies that bring together originators and distributors, forming one team that delivers relevant and holistic solutions to optimise your performance.

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Louis Dirker, Debt Capital Markets

Get relevant and reliable advice based on detailed and intelligent market research.


Arranger and dealer for the IDC's tap issuance of two senior unsecured floating rate bonds and two senior unsecured fixed rate bonds.

We have participated in various deals across a range of sectors and industries.