Strategic philanthropy

Creating a legacy beyond wealth

Philanthropy is a journey that allows individuals, families, and organisations to exercise their charitable objectives and desires. This journey should be guided by values, passion, intended family legacy, and a desired broader societal impact.

Your philanthropy journey

Our role facilitates this journey by playing the role of an enabler for our clients to build a legacy while uplifting the societies in which we live. We are focused on ensuring that your philanthropic journey is personal, rewarding, and streamlined for you, striving for maximum social impact through your donations.

Our services

Our services include strategy development, structuring of a charitable foundation, investment management as well as the administration of your foundation. This enables you to achieve sustainable giving that is underpinned by good governance thus building your legacy whilst having a meaningful impact on society.

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Social Justice initiatives

Welfare & Humanitarian



Social Justice initiatives

Welfare & Humanitarian

creating a legacy
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