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Bullish on global growth

The momentum in the global economy driven by US growth and an apparent de-escalation of the trade war has left Investec Bank CEO Richard Wainwright feeling bullish about the capital markets prospects for 2020. 

Richard, who is attending Davos, spoke to The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield in a 702 podcast and video about his impressions from the meeting. Here are some of the key takeouts:

On the climate change narrative

“I think there’s a feeling of negativity, pessimism around here, particularly with respect to climate change, but as far as the global economy is concerned – IMF revised their growth rates up slightly.”


On global growth prospects

“I came back from the IMF meetings very bullish about the globe. I'm even more bullish today given the trade agreement that's been announced with China – phase 1, phase 2 to come within a year.


"So, from a global markets perspective, the global economy, I'm reasonably bullish. More so than I was in October [at the IMF].”


On the potential for emerging markets

“I think the China trade deal, a strong American economy, reasonable growth globally is good for emerging markets. In fact, South Africa as an emerging market has the deepest best financial markets – currencies, interest rates, bonds – equities to a lesser extent. So we should be the beneficiaries of capital flows.”


On the need for the corporate sector to drive change

“Fixed investments is what we need and we really need it from South African companies who will drive the change - we cannot rely on government – they have no fiscal space, we can’t rely on the SOEs – they don’t have any cash, they’re indebted. I do think we have monetary policy space – thank you Lesetja for the 25 basis points.”


On Lesetja Kganyago’s more cautious stance

“This gives international investors a lot of confidence that we have an independent, very disciplined central bank- so that’s good for us. We must leverage off that.”


On Minister Tito Mboweni’s WEF promises

“What’s going to drive the change in SA is the private sector? The South African businesses. So what changes are they looking for? Our Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni has been telling people to look for the structural reforms. Government will provide the necessary structural reforms to give us confidence, which will hopefully lead to investments.”

Podcasts from Davos

WEF Donald Trump
Listen to podcast

Tune in to the full discussion between Bruce Whitfield and Richard Wainwright at 6:53 minutes into this 702 podcast from The Money Show. 

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