Improve your business’s cash flows and working capital management 

Investec’s supply chain finance offering, enables buyers to improve payment terms with suppliers, and provides suppliers with a mechanism to receive early settlement.

This is facilitated through our joint initiative with TreasuryONE, a leading technology and treasury management solution provider.

We can become the digital backbone of your organisation's supply chain, using our world-class online platform, which will seamlessly integrate, and offer a high-tech, high-touch solution that will put you in charge of your supply chain.

Primary objectives

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems

  • Simple and intuitive to navigate

  • End to end operational efficiencies

  • A self-service digital experience

    to accommodate the onboarding of Suppliers

  • World class security features

    built in AI monitoring, robust protection to prevent unauthorised access and potential fraudulent activity

Benefits for buyers (corporates)

  • Improved payment terms that free up cash flows
  • Balance sheet efficiency
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers
  • Technology that helps you to automate, streamline and integrate processes
  • Improved margins by facilitating settlement discounts that don’t compromise your cash flows
  • A high-tech, high-touch offering that puts you in control of your supply chain

Benefits for suppliers

  • Improved liquidity and certainty of cash flow
  • Enhanced flexibility with the choice of automatic or manual settlement
  • Complete visibility to track receivables, irrespective of status
  • Easy onboarding requirements
  • No requirement for suppliers to fill credit lines

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Peter Rattey
Peter Rattey

Head: Treasury sales

Sanreesha Haripersad
Sanreesha Haripersad

Head: Money Market

Peter Rattey
Peter Rattey

Head: Treasury sales

Sanreesha Haripersad
Sanreesha Haripersad

Head: Money Market

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Peter Rattey
Peter Rattey, Investec treasury sales head

In order to provide a world-class supply chain finance offering, we focus on efficiency, security, and commerciality as some of our guiding principles. With that in mind, we have collaborated with undisputed market leaders in treasury technology solutions and services.


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