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Investec acted as the Exclusive Financial Advisor to Auxilo for its most recent strategic growth equity round. Auxilo raised over $60 million from Tata Capital Growth Fund, Trifecta Leaders Fund, Xponentia Opportunities Fund, and ICICI bank.


Investec's role:

  • Investec leveraged our experience and understanding of the Financial Services space, especially in the education financing space, to position Auxilo appropriately to Investors. We reached out to multiple Financial buyers, showcasing our reach and access capabilities, in effect ensuring an efficient competitive process and maximization of value for our clients. We syndicated 3 new investors for the fundraise in very tight timelines.
  • Investec facilitated all the necessary regulatory approvals necessary for such transactions in the lending space.
  • Investec handheld end to end execution to deliver the transaction to the Shareholders and the Company and ensured seamless co-ordination between the Management, the existing investors and the Incoming Investors at every stage of the transaction.


About Auxilo Finserve:

Auxilo Finserve is a prominent non-banking finance company (NBFC) in India, specializing in providing loans to students for education both domestically and internationally, and offering financial support to educational institutions for infrastructure and working capital needs. With a presence in over 900 universities across 25 countries, the company has assisted more than 7,500 students and over 150 educational institutions. Operating in seven key Indian cities with a team of over 250 employees, Auxilo Finserve is committed to empowering students' educational aspirations and enhancing the education finance sector. Auxilo will utilize the capital to expand its loan base and product offerings, while providing innovative financial solutions to students current and new.


Client feedback:

“The capital infusion will enable the company to fuel its growth aspirations by expanding its loan base, broadening its product offerings, and providing innovative financial solutions to its customers.”
– Neeraj Saxena, MD & CEO of Auxilo Finserve

Neeraj Saxena further cited that the investors' keen interest in the education finance market, which is a highly specialized and niche industry segment, reaffirms the sector's attractiveness and the market's confidence in its potential, business model, and growth trajectory.

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Dhaval Madlani

Dhaval Madlani

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