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Investec India acted as a Financial Advisor to Kissht’s growth round fundraise of $80mn led by Vertex growth and the Brunei Investment Agency, with participation from existing investors including Vertex Ventures SEA India and Endiya Partners.


Investec's role:

  • Investec leveraged our experience and understanding of the Financial Services space, especially in the lending space, to position Kissht appropriately to Investors. We reached out to multiple Financial buyers, showcasing our reach and access capabilities, in effect ensuring an efficient competitive process and maximization of value for our clients.
  • Investec handled end to end execution to deliver the transaction to the Shareholders and the Company and ensured seamless co-ordination between the Management, the existing investors and the Incoming Investors at every stage of the transaction.


About Kissht:

Valued at over $500 million, Kissht is a leading Indian fintech unlocking financial access for millennial consumers and small businesses. Initially focused on providing credit lines and personal loans, Kissht has expanded into the disruptive challenger card segment with buy-now, pay-later offerings. The company aims to be a one-stop credit and payments platform for young, tech-savvy Indians across banking needs. With nearly 3.2 million registered users and over 50% monthly engagement, Kissht leverages technology and data analytics to serve largely overlooked retail consumer and SMB credit markets in India.


Client feedback:

“The transaction usage of millennial consumers is constantly evolving. We are offering a one-stop credit and payment solution, which cab be used ‘any and everywhere’. With these transactions, we want to create a bond with the customer to help them across other banking needs.”
– Ranvir Sign, founder and CEO, Kissht

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Dhaval Madlani

Dhaval Madlani

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