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Investec India acted as the exclusive financial advisor to THB (Technology | Healthcare | Big Data Analytics) a healthcare data technology platform on their $20 million growth equity round led by Filter Capital and Edelweiss Discovery Fund Series - I. Participating investors included both new and existing ones, like Cornerstone Venture Partners Fund, Healthquad, and others. We acted as the Exclusive Financial Advisor to THB.


Investec's role:

  • Investec leveraged its experience and understanding of the HealthTech and SaaS space to position THB appropriately to Investors. We reached out to multiple Financial buyers globally, showcasing our reach and access capabilities, in effect ensuring an efficient competitive process and maximization of value for our clients.
  • Investec handheld end to end execution to deliver the transaction to the Shareholders. We also ensured seamless co-ordination between the Management, the existing investors and the Incoming Investors at every stage of the transaction.

About THB:

THB serves large healthcare enterprises to drive digital, data, and technology transformation with their data management platform, and a suite of software solutions across 20+ use-cases, including patient engagement, doctor engagement, clinical customer relationship management, analytics automation, customer care automation, and real-world evidence. THB currently serves a wide spectrum of customers in the healthcare industry, including diagnostic labs, hospitals, primary care, pharma, payors, and med-tech companies in countries across South Asia (India, Bangladesh and Srilanka), the Middle East (UAE, KSA), and South East Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia).


Client feedback:

“Healthcare big data technology presents an enormous opportunity for growth in this decade. THB aims to provide its customers with a comprehensive suite of data use cases, enabling them to fully leverage their healthcare datasets and achieve tangible growth. We are excited about partnering with the new investors and leveraging their expertise in technology and enterprise SaaS to further expand THB into a truly global organization.”
– Akansh Khurana, MD and Group CEO of THB

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Paras Berawala

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