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Increasing yields and enhancing liquidity

Investec Cash Management
Investec Cash Management

Optimise returns and protect investments from interest rate fluctuations with our range of bespoke deposit accounts.


Refreshingly human

Work with our structured deal team who will support you over the long-term. The original team will stay with the deal after transaction until repayment.

A broad range of sector expertise

We provide solutions for businesses across a wide range of sectors, and we are dedicated to partnering with you to achieve your growth ambitions.

Data driven

Real time data extraction to allow for faster access to cash and increased availability of funding leading to tailored solutions for you. 

Our Cash Management services

Structured Deposits

Notice accounts

Instant access accounts

Fixed-term deposits

Access50 Account

Structured Deposits

A range of structured deposits allowing you to receive an enhanced yield from changes in various underlying markets, such as foreign exchange, interest rates, credit and commodity markets.

Notice accounts

Short-dated notice accounts give you a competitive rate of interest and access to your funds within either a 32 or 95-day period - ideal for shorter-term balances when you want to manage fluctuating cash flows. 

Instant access accounts

If you need instant access to your funds, these accounts provide you with a competitive level of interest while letting you withdraw 25% or 50% of your balance without notice. You can access the remainder of your balance after a 32-day notice period.

Fixed-term deposits

These deposit accounts give you a fixed rate of interest across a variety of tenors. You dictate the duration of the deposit and we have the flexibility to align with your required maturity dates.

Access50 Account

As a business, you may wish to maximise your return on your surplus funds, but you could also be reluctant to tie it all up in a long-dated account. The Investec Access50 Account offers you higher interest rates than our one-month fixed deposit or overnight rates, while also giving you the flexibility of fee-free instant access up to 50% of the deposited amount. 

It all starts with a conversation. To discuss your Cash Management needs, complete the form

It all starts with a conversation. To discuss your Cash Management needs, please complete the form below and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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Cash management

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