We've launched a tailored app for the UK and Channel Islands

UK App

We've listened to feedback from our clients and have created a dedicated app that keeps up with the growing banking and investment needs of those in the UK and Channel Islands.

We wanted to create an app that enables us to release new features fast, so we can continue to improve the user experience. We've rethought our technology and updated the look and layout. 

UK App
How to get the new Investec UK app

1. Download the “Investec UK” app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Launch the app and log in with your Investec ID and password.


That’s it. You’re set. There's no need to re-register or call our Client Service Centre.


Note: Please continue using the Investec global app if you have accounts in South Africa or Mauritius.

We’ve made it easier to move your money

You asked us to make it simpler and faster to give payment instructions.

Now it's simple. You pick the account you want to pay from and where your money should go. It doesn't matter if you want to pay someone, send money abroad, or transfer between accounts. 

What else you can expect:

One place

All important information is now in one place

Tap “Account details” to see everything on one screen, from an account number and interest rate to statement date. You can also share your payment details with a tap.




View and download your valuation reports

In response to a popular request from our Wealth clients, you can view your valuation reports, share them via email or save them to your files.


Your feedback decides what we focus on

We will continue to refine the experience and add features based on your feedback. Use the feedback option to tell us what works for you, what doesn’t, and what you'd like us to add.

What does this mean for your accounts?

Everything stays as it is. Your accounts remains the same and you can continue to use Investec Online to access them. For now, you will also be able to continue using the Investec global app. But, you may miss out on the new features when they are released.


Note: Please continue using the Investec global app if you have accounts in South Africa or Mauritius.

Download the Investec UK app

If you have an Investec account in South Africa or Mauritius, please continue to use the Investec global app.