Intergenerational wealth

Planning your family legacy

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Nothing is more important than your family. It is our objective to ensure that all your Wealth Management and Private Banking needs are catered for locally and internationally, and structured in a way that suits your family’s global needs.

Secure your legacy for future generations with global Wealth Management and Private Banking for you and your family.


Insights into the challenges families face

Preparing your heirs

How can you best prepare your heirs for the transfer of their wealth?

Passing on your values

How do you ensure that your values are passed on to your heirs?

Ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth

What can you do to ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to your heirs?

A gift or a poisoned chalice

Will your legacy be a gift or poisoned chalice?

Questions to ask yourself

How likely is the next generation able to manage wealth transfer?

Have you discussed passing on your wealth?

Will you pass your wealth on to the next generation?

How likely is the next generation able to manage wealth transfer?

Have you discussed passing on your wealth?

Will you pass your wealth on to the next generation?

Start your wealth journey with us

Partner with Investec’s team of investment experts to make smart choices to preserve and grow your wealth.

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How we enable your family legacy all in One Place™

Wealth management

Planning your wealth

We work with some of South Africa's most successful individuals and families to preserve and grow their wealth. Let us do the same for you.

Strategic philanthropy


Philanthropy is a personal journey guided by your vision, passion and requirements.

We will walk this road with you, utilising our range of services that can be tailored to suit your specifications at any stage of your philanthropic journey.

Private Bank Account benefits for family

Benefits for you and your family

  • Get an extra card linked to your account at no extra cost or a stand-alone Private Bank Account at a reduced monthly fee for your spouse or life partner.
  • Open an Investec Youth Account, a transactional account with a Visa debit card, for no additional monthly fee.
  • Open a linked Cash Management Account and earn a higher interest rate through active management of your surplus short-term funds. 
Tax & Fiduciary

Tax & Fiduciary

Our Tax & Fiduciary team will help identify the unique local and global requirements needed to protect you, your family and/or your business.

Client services:

  • Review of local and offshore wills
  • Global Estate planning
  • Facilitation of local & cross-border tax and exchange controls advice*

*This service is a limited offering; clients should contact their Investment Manager and/or Private Banker to find out more. 


Ranked as the Best Private Bank and Wealth Manager in South Africa for 11 consecutive years by the Financial Times of London.

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Portfolio Management

Whether you’re wanting to grow your wealth or generate income, tap into our expertise to help realise your investment goals.

Invest offshore

Global diversification is a must. Investec’s offshore investments give you access to the world’s leading companies and fund managers.

Manage my investments for me

Get advice, insight and personal investment services backed by our truly global investment approach and expertise.

Property finance

A comprehensive range of integrated property funding solutions across all property sectors in South Africa and within selected geographies.

Foreign exchange

If you want to invest internationally, make payments overseas, receive money from offshore or you need some foreign currency to travel.

Private capital

We provide established entrepreneurs, business founders and high net worth individuals with private capital solutions, transaction ideas and access to Investec’s networks.

Enjoy Investec One Place™ with our local and international offering