Corporate Lending

Bespoke financing solutions

Whatever your business’ financing needs, our experienced team can help with bespoke, flexible financing solutions across the capital structure.

  • Flexible services to meet your needs
    You will always receive a creative and bespoke solution that fits your individual circumstances. Thanks to our multi-discipline approach, we can structure senior secured, syndicated loans/ listed bonds; asset based and cash flow lending; and minority equity, either on a standalone or integrated basis.

  • A broad range of sector expertise
    By understanding the issues and challenges you face, we can give you practical and
    focused solutions.  We provide debt solutions for businesses across a wide range of sectors, and are dedicated to working with you to achieve your ambitions.

Our Corporate Lending services

Asset-based and Cash Flow Lending

If you’re looking to achieve greater liquidity and pursue opportunities for your business, our asset-based and cash flow lending can help you with funding for growth, working capital, seasonality and investment.

Standalone Cash Flow or Unitranche Loans

Make the most of our flexible and innovative funding packages. These funding solutions are structured around the future cash flows of your business on a bilateral basis or as part of a club or multi-bank deal. 

Subordinated Debt and Minority Equity

Stay in control of your business. Subordinated debt and minority equity is a ‘one stop shop’ solution for debt and equity funding, to minimise the dilution to your shareholder returns.

Working capital finance

Providing highly flexible, tailored finance for UK owner-managed businesses and professional communities, the latest technology is combined with traditional relationship values to create sustainable partnerships.

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Callum Bell

Corporate & Acquisition Finance

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How we can help your business

A personalised approach

Work with our structured deal team who will support you over the long-term. The original team will stay with the deal after transaction until repayment.

Delivering certainty

Benefit from conclusive decision-making and deal execution. We operate in a collaborative and entrepreneurial environment and take pride in our ability to make that happen. 

Backing ambition

For organic or acquisition growth, shareholder change and refinancing – we offer financing services tailored to your specific requirements.

Our deals

See how our corporate lending team has helped businesses like yours

Investec 2018 Awards

We keep earning our stripes

Investec wins Bank of the Year 2019 - ‘Lender of the Year’ category

“The judges said Investec had financed a range of noteworthy deals through the years and had delivered a differentiated offer in a crowded market. The team have built up a great business.” Judges, Real Deals Private Equity Awards 2019

We attribute this success to our flexible approach. We are proud to be able to provide all layers of the capital structure, for deals of different sizes, providing genuinely innovative solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Investec 2018 Awards

We keep earning our stripes

Investec wins Bank Lender of the Year 2018

"The winner highlighted their support for 28 different private equity firms on 44 deals". Judges, Unquote British Private Equity Awards 2018

The judges were impressed at our bespoke solutions, providing anything from a £1m bilateral cheque up to underwriting £135m through the capital markets. Most of all, they liked our entrepreneurial spirit in particular bridging the financing gap between high street banks and debt funds.